Kampong Spue Race, Aug 3, 2014



Mr. Heng Srunmeng, 016 999161, flyingbicycles@online.com.kh

Flying Bikes 2 is on street 51 (near street 200).

For race weekend logistical support: Drew McDowell, 092 982581, drewmcdo@msn.com

List of events:

July 27 – Pre-race ride & course preparation.  Depart from the train station at 6:15am, return after lunch.  Transportation is not organized but can be if interested (with flexible departure times).  Contact Drew.

Aug 2 – Fun ride through the hills and villages of Kampong Spue, 3pm.  Departure from PP at 12:30 pm.  Contact Drew if interested in sharing transportation.

Aug 3 – races starting from 9am.  Transportation provided by Flying Bikes 2.


From PP drive to the city of Kampong Spue (KS), about 50km, and turn left at the small bridge taking you to the market.  Go left again (south) past the market and over the only bridge crossing the river. Continue on the same road for 7 km and you will see signs for the race.  There will be one road going right (don’t take it) just before you come to the pagoda where the race will begin (signs will be obvious when you arrive).


Basic accommodation for a limited number of people can be available in the village (floor, hammock, etc.) and the city of KS has guest houses.  The closest guest house is Heng Heng, 016 878251 (from the city of KS go over the only major bridge* crossing the river (on the south side of the market) and Heng Heng is on your right about 250 meters.  *There is also a small bridge close to the main road.).